Are Fluoride Treatment Effective for Your Oral Health?

Are Fluoride Treatment Effective for Your Oral Health?

Mar 01, 2022

Your teeth are as tough as they come. They may be small, but they are the sturdiest tissue in your body. Did you know that they are 96% mineral? So, this is why they can survive the onslaught of bacteria every other day and still serve you for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, they will not go the long-haul with you if you don’t show them some tender, loving care every other day. The usual routine of brushing and flossing each day should be done religiously. Visiting our dentist in Fort Saskatchewan should be part of your calendar.

During these dental visits, you can benefit from fluoride treatment in Fort Saskatchewan, AB. This will ensure that your teeth get that extra care to keep them strong and healthy throughout your lifetime.

Understanding Fluoride Treatments

When you eat food, they might get stuck in pits, fissures, and other hard-to-reach areas. Bacteria will waste no second, and so they will swarm where the food debris is and form a clear sticky substance on your teeth’s surface, commonly referred to as plaque.

If you don’t remove it by brushing, the bacteria will continue to wreak havoc. This will cause the enamel to start corroding, a process known as demineralization. As the enamel is being eaten away, small holes start forming. These are what we call cavities, and just like that, you have tooth decay.

That’s why we have fluoride varnish for adults since it is the most effective agent against dental cavities. This naturally-occurring mineral helps build your teeth since it aids in redepositing the lost minerals, making your teeth strong. In fact, when introduced at the right time, it can reverse the early signs of tooth decay.

What Are Fluoride Treatments for?

Kids from six months to sixteen years can benefit from using fluoride. During this period, their teeth are still developing and need the proper foundation that fluoride lays. On the flip side, you will need to proceed with caution since their teeth are prone to fluorosis since the teeth are still developing. So, use it sparingly or according to our dentist’s instructions.

Besides kids, fluoride is recommended for anyone at risk of tooth decay. In fact, anyone can benefit from using fluoride since it helps redeposit lost minerals back to the teeth.

In any case, if you have an eating disorder, poor diet, have weak enamel, gum disease, xerostomia, or any other condition that puts you at a high risk of getting caries, fluoride treatment in Fort Saskatchewan, AB can be beneficial to you.

Is Fluoride Treatment at the Dentist Worth It?

Remember, your teeth lose minerals every day when you consume food and beverages. Therefore, the lost minerals will be replaced as soon as possible so that your teeth don’t weaken.

This is why you should visit our dentist in Fort Saskatchewan every three, six, or 12 months. The frequency upon which you receive fluoride varnish for adults will be dependent on your situation. Our dentist might also decide to send you home with certain gels that you can use if you are at risk of tooth caries.

Weird enough, most people have associated fluoride treatments with kids. But, look at the overall benefits for getting the treatment at our office:

  • Protects Your Enamel

This is at the top of the benefits list since this is the primary goal of fluoride. The plaque will wreak havoc on your teeth because of its acids. When your enamel gets weak because of these acids, you will notice that issues will start popping up from all sides.

It also helps reverse the effects of tooth decay during the initial stages of decay.

  • Redeposits Minerals In Your Teeth

As mentioned before, your teeth lose minerals every day. Besides the normal wear that occurs due to use, bacteria can accelerate the process and cause your enamel to weaken.

You will lose essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorous that are key in keeping your teeth healthy. So, when you use fluoride varnish, it helps redeposit the minerals to ensure that your tooth stays strong.

  • It Saves You Money

Doesn’t the thought of saving money excite you? Imagine that you don’t have to spend more money treating caries and gum disease. All you have to do is undergo fluoride treatment, brush your teeth as you should, eat the right foods, and you will save more money than you thought. Restorative treatments are way more expensive than preventive care. So, err on the side of caution.

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