Dental Crown

Dental Crowns: What Are They And How Do They Help Our Teeth

Dental crowns, also called a “cap,” are caps that are placed on top of damaged teeth. They are designed to cover the surface of the affected tooth and have many different functions and reasons for its placement. It is meant to protect, cover and restore the shape of your teeth if fillings cannot solve the problem.

Crowns are prosthetic devices that are cemented on your tooth or teeth by a dentist. They are typically made from metals, porcelain, resin or ceramics. There are many reasons your dentist might choose a dental crown to help you with a dental issue. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of crown material and this is why it’s important to discuss with your dentist which option is best for you.

Why Would I Need A Dental Crown?

  • Protecting a weak tooth
  • Restoring a broken tooth
  • Covering and supporting a tooth with a large filling and not much tooth remaining
  • Holding a dental bridge
  • Covering misshapen or discoloured teeth
  • Covering a dental implant
  • Covering a tooth that’s been treated with a root canal

Benefits Of A Dental Crown

Other than being able to strengthen a damaged tooth, crowns can be used to aid in the improvement of a tooth’s appearance. Dental crowns can change the shape, alignment and bite of your teeth. Gaps in your teeth due to having missing teeth can affect your remaining teeth by causing them to shift, this results in an improper bite. Crowns are able to help you with this problem by preventing it.

Dental crowns are very strong, and can usually last up to ten years or longer if you take proper care of them. Dental crowns do not require any special treatment in order to take care of them, simply treat them like how you treat your regular teeth. Brush and floss them like usual. However, crowns are not like your natural teeth, they aren’t as strong. So take care not to bite down too hard on hard objects or use your teeth to open items.

You and your dentist will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of getting a dental crown for your individual needs. As well, the best material will be decided based on the dental issues you are facing. For example, a dental bridge using dental crowns is stronger than partial dentures when the aim is to restore a missing tooth between two healthy teeth. However, implants are the preferred solution if funds are available as they have a lower risk of infection and do not affect other healthy teeth in the mouth.

It is important to consider the purpose of the procedure in order to decide the best course of action with your dentist. Contact Town Crest Dental in Fort Sask if you have any questions or book an appointment to get fitted with a dental crown today.