How Long Does Filling Need to Fully Set?

How Long Does Filling Need to Fully Set?

Nov 01, 2022

Everyone dislikes cavities, but unfortunately, they develop on the teeth due to ample eating options taking a toll on oral health. Fortunately, dental fillings help restore teeth to protect exposed roots with nerves of the teeth affected by cavities.

When you develop cavities on your teeth, the optimal option to fix your tooth is to receive dental fillings in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, to prevent the infection from spreading to create additional damage. However, you might wonder which dental filling is optimal for your teeth and try to determine the filler you want to restore your tooth.

When selecting dental filling material for your teeth, you find it beneficial to consult the Saskatchewan dentist and receive appropriate advice on the filling material that best suits your needs. Trying to determine without guidance from the dentist can cause you to make errors that might need re-treatment or affect your aesthetic appearance. Therefore we strongly suggest you schedule a consultation with the professional to discuss dental fillers before getting the tooth restored.

Which Dental Filling Is Optimal?

Various materials like gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, ceramic, composite resin, and glass ionomers help make dental filling materials. All fillers are optimal for restoring permanently damaged teeth. However, some fillers are better suited for the back teeth, while others are optimal for the anterior teeth. Therefore when getting fillings to restore your teeth, you must seek advice from the dentist to avoid committing errors that prove expensive for you.

For example, you can have gold fillings in your front teeth paying higher prices because they need customization in a dental laboratory and at least two visits to the dentist before placement. However, the filling will likely affect your aesthetic appearance if you have a cavity on a front tooth. Alternatively, you can also consider silver amalgam fillings for your front teeth if looking for durability without considering your aesthetic appearance. While silver amalgam filling is durable, they are better suited for your molars in the posterior region of your mouth. In addition, silver amalgam fillings become visible when you have them on your front teeth to make you appear ungainly.

All dental fillers are appropriate to restore any teeth in the mouth. However, dentists evaluate the location of the cavity, its extent and size, your dental insurance, and aesthetic preferences before recommending any specific variety for your teeth. Therefore you must seek advice from a dental professional before deciding on any dental filler for your tooth.

How Long Does a Tooth Filling Take?

Getting a tooth filled is a straightforward procedure completed by dentists within 30 minutes, depending on the extent of the damage. For example, if you have a hole in the back teeth, the dentist x-rays the tooth to assess its damage before preparing you for the dental filling procedure.

You receive local anesthesia in the mouth near the affected tooth to prevent pain as the dentist starts drilling your tooth to clean the decayed material. After removing the polluted material, the dentist sanitizes the hollow space and disinfects it before adding your selected filling material to the tooth.

If you have chosen composite filling for the cavity in your tooth, the filler hardens within seconds as it is applied in layers, hardened with light, and polished to ensure your tooth’s shape doesn’t get impacted.

If you decide to receive silver amalgam fillings, the material requires time to harden and might take up to 24 hours before fully setting in your tooth. Therefore regardless of the filling material you receive, you must exercise caution for at least a week to ensure you don’t damage the filler.

Silver amalgam fillings are incredibly durable, lasting over a decade with proper dental hygiene. Unfortunately, composite filling, although aesthetically pleasing, does not have silver amalgam’s durability and needs replacements within five to seven years. Therefore you must exercise care when eating soon after getting dental fillings and wait until the anesthesia wears off before starting with a soft and warm diet instead of scorching foods. You must also avoid sticky and crunchy foods to prevent damage to dental fillers.

You might experience sensitivity from the filled tooth for about a week before the discomfort subsides. However, one week is sufficient for the dental filler to fully set in your tooth and provide the protection your tooth needs against cavities for a substantial period.

Town Crest Dental Clinic suggests the optimal dental filler best suited for your specific needs if you need dental fillings to restore a permanently damaged tooth from cavities. Establishing contact with this practice helps you restore your tooth with filling materials appropriate for the affected tooth.