Pediatric Dentistry Service: Does Your Child Need Specialized Care?

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Pediatric Dentistry Service: Does Your Child Need Specialized Care?

Sep 01, 2021

You express joy when your child develops their first tooth. You begin making plans to take your child to your regular dentist little realizing your child’s teeth and smile are better off by visiting pediatric dentistry in Fort Saskatchewan. You cannot assume your child’s teeth will fall off by six or seven to let their permanent teeth erupt. Instead, it would help if you prefer a pediatric dentist for your child because they offer specialized treatment to take care of your child’s smile.


Pediatric dentists specialize in children’s unique dental needs, requiring them not just to understand children’s teeth but also to provide gentle and compassionate care making the dental visit a stress-free experience. Pediatric dentists aim to empower kids to care for their teeth and lay a foundation for a lifetime of excellent dental hygiene.


This blog provides a list of services offered by the kid’s dentistry near you incredibly beneficial for your child. Pediatric dentistry service includes the following:


Diagnostic and Preventive Dentistry


The dentist in Fort Saskatchewan focuses on preventive care as a pediatric dentist. The services they provide include comprehensive oral evaluations and dental cleanings to keep your child’s teeth healthy. In addition, fluoride treatments and dental sealants help children prevent cavities, and imaging tests help the dentist diagnose dental problems beneath the surface.


Interceptive Orthodontics


Interceptive orthodontics helps the kid’s dental clinic near me influence the development of the jaw and positions of the teeth in young children to minimize or eliminate the requirement for future orthodontic treatment. Interceptive orthodontics treatments include habit appliances, space maintainers, and destabilizers.




Orthodontic treatments help correct misalignments of the jaw and straighten teeth to improve facial symmetry and better oral health. In addition, pediatric dentistry services can offer metal and ceramic braces besides orthodontic retainers to help your child maintain their beautiful smile throughout their life.


Restorative Dentistry


Restorative dentistry becomes a necessity even with diligent home dental hygiene practices. Therapeutic dentistry treatments repair damage to a tooth to restore its function and strength besides enhancing its appearance. Restorative treatments for children include composite fillings, dental bonding, root canal treatment, and dental crowns. In worst-case scenarios, extractions are also necessary to restore oral health when dentists cannot preserve a tooth.


Sedation And Anesthesia


The fort Saskatchewan dentist ensures children’s visits to their office are comfortable and free from trauma. The dentist is aware children cannot tolerate invasive procedures like drilling or root canal treatments without anesthesia. However, trying to deliver anesthesia in a child’s mouth is also challenging. Therefore the dentist recommends sedation to calm the child before administering local anesthesia in the mouth whenever they need any invasive procedure. Sedation and anesthesia help the dentist work with a relaxed child entirely cooperative during the process.


Why Must You Prefer Pediatric Dentistry Services for Children?


Pediatric dentists focus on treating children exclusively and acquire specialized training for two to three years after completing four years in dental school. They learn how to treat children from infancy until adulthood and can even manage children with special needs. During their training after dental school, they are taught about the unique dental needs of children, which are different from that of adults. In any case, if you have a pediatrician looking after your child’s general health, why should you avoid a pediatric dentist offering specialized treatment when looking after your child’s dental health?


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When Must You Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit?


Your child’s first dental visit must be soon after their first tooth erupts but no later than their first birthday. Things are even better if you take a child to a pediatric dentist even before the eruption of their tooth. Pediatric dentistry services advise how you can keep your child’s gums and mouth healthy by cleaning them with a soft washcloth.


You may consider taking your child to your regular dentist if you believe they are fully equipped to deal with children’s teeth. However, in many cases, general dentists redirect you to a pediatric dentist when they confront challenges to manage the child. On the other hand, pediatric dentists will never turn you to a general dentist for your child’s treatment because they are fully aware of children’s dental issues and, most importantly, know how to manage them calmly and compassionately. Pediatric dental services also invest in child-friendly equipment, kid-friendly practices, and trained staff to ensure children are comfortable during dental visits and are reluctant to leave after completing their treatment.

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