Dental Bridges

Bridges in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Dental bridges are one of the many dental restorations available to replace lost teeth. A bridge can consist of one or more 'pontics' or artificial teeth, and it's anchored on the teeth next to the gap. An implant-supported bridge is supported by crowns attached to artificial tooth roots.

Our trained dentist near you uses the latest dental technology and years of experience to restore your smile.

Bridges in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Why It’s Essential to Fill Gaps in the Teeth

Although there are 32 adult teeth in the oral cavity, it’s common to lose one or more teeth. We lose teeth due to a number of reasons. For example, injury, trauma, decay or gum disease can cause tooth loss.

Teeth may also be lost due to aging or certain health conditions. However, it’s important to get your tooth replaced by Dr. Navjot Sodhi to prevent future problems.

Missing teeth may lead to several complications:

  • You may experience a change in the bite, which may strain other teeth.
  • The missing tooth may cause bone loss at the site as there is no tooth root.
  • Neighboring teeth may shift or rotate into space
  • Patients may find it difficult to chew or speak confidently.
  • Your smile may be compromised.

Town Crest Dental Clinic provides an extensive range of restorations for missing teeth, including implants, crowns and dental bridges near you.

How Many Dental Visits Are Required for a Bridge?

Dental bridges in Fort Saskatchewan, AB usually take two visits to fix. We will prep the adjacent teeth during the first appointment and file away tooth structure to make room for the crown. The dentist will take precise impressions and send these to a dental lab to get the bridge fabricated.

We will attach a temporary bridge to protect the prepared teeth. Once the bridge is ready, our skilled dentist in Fort Saskatchewan, AB will remove the temporary bridge and cement the permanent one into place. Only dentists can replace or repair bridges.

Dental bridges can complete your smile and help you speak and chew with confidence.

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