Endodontics in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

If you are struggling with sensitivity, pain, or discomfort every time you chew or eat, you may need to contact our trained family dentist near you for endodontic treatment. At times, simple root canal treatment may not help, and patients may need surgical root canals for pain relief. 
Endodontics in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Surgical versus Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy

A simple root canal therapy involves drilling, cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing the affected tooth against infection. You may need endodontics in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, if the tooth is severely infected, has undergone too many treatments, or is impacted under the gum tissue.

In this case, Dr. Navjot Sodhi may need to make an incision in the soft tissue in order to access the tooth from the side. If you’re feeling anxious about an upcoming endodontic treatment, please set aside your fears as you will feel no pain during the procedure.

We may also need to perform surgical root canal therapy if calcium deposits make it difficult to drill through to the infection site. Occasionally, endodontic procedures at Town Crest Dental Clinic may be necessary for diagnostic purposes, treat injured tooth roots, or re-implant a tooth in its socket.

Pain-Free Endodontics Near You

At Town Crest Dental Clinic, patients can expect relaxed, pain-free endodontic treatments. Our skilled dentist uses effective sedation techniques to create pain-free experiences. We use the latest dental technology that helps accelerate healing and minimize risks. Once you book a consultation with Dr. Navjot Sodhi, we will perform a full visual and digital evaluation before determining the treatment plan.

Endodontic treatment can help you in case of severe cavities, acute pulp inflammation, or an abscessed tooth. Timely dental procedures can save the tooth, prevent the need for extraction and preserve your smile.

Our family dentist may prescribe medication, antibiotics, or perform endodontic procedures for pain relief. Dental problems, pain, discomfort, or sensitivity should never be ignored as the problem may worsen over time and result in increased health risks.

Please contact our dentist in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, by phone or click on our website link to book a consultation at a preferred time.