Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Preventive dentistry is a reliable way to ensure lasting oral health. Regular visits to our experienced dentist near you can highlight two main problems: decay and gum disease. Prompt dental intervention goes a long way in preventing the need for costly and invasive treatments.
Preventive Dentistry in Fort Saskatchewan, AB

What Is Considered Preventive Dentistry in Fort Saskatchewan, AB?

Our skilled dentist, Dr. Navjot Sodhi, offers many preventive dentistry procedures at Town Crest Dental Clinic:

  • Exams and Cleanings – First, we will check your teeth and gums for signs of decay, cavities, chipped, or broken teeth. We may use advanced, low-radiation x-rays for further investigation and diagnosis. Modern dental imaging allows us to create a precise and targeted treatment plan for your needs. Our hygienist will scale away tartar and polish your teeth during professional teeth cleanings.
  • Sealants and Fluoride Treatment – Our trained dentist in Fort Saskatchewan, AB, provides preventive treatments like sealants and fluoride treatment to reduce the likelihood of cavities. Preventive dental care, along with regular hygiene, can ensure a cavity-free oral cavity.
  • Gum Disease Screening – Swelling, tenderness, redness, pus formation, or bleeding can indicate the onset of periodontal disease. Twice-yearly screenings can help you seek timely treatment to prevent the spread of infection. Untreated oral plaque can enter the bloodstream and become life-threatening if ignored.
  • Oral Cancer Screening – Our conveniently located dental office is equipped with modern technology that helps us with an accurate and early oral cancer diagnosis. We examine your teeth, gums, cheeks, neck, face, and jaw for lumps, lesions, masses, and unusual patches of tissue.
  • Mouth Guards – Custom-fit mouth guards can help prevent injuries to the teeth, gums, lips, and jaws. Protective mouth guards are essential for children who play sports like soccer, lacrosse, rugby, basketball, baseball, or those who ski, skate, and cycle.

Does Preventive Dentistry Benefit Every Patient?

Preventive dentistry near you can benefit any patient with or without teeth. Conditions like denture stomatitis can be spotted during exams at Town Crest Dental Clinic.

Besides providing treatment, our skilled dentist, Dr. Navjot Sodhi, will also educate you on the most suitable dental products for your needs.