Top 5 Benefits of Regular Exams and Cleanings

Top 5 Benefits of Regular Exams and Cleanings

Mar 17, 2021

When was the last time you visited Town Crest Dental Clinic for a routine check-up?

Regular exams and cleanings are a crucial part of preventive dentistry and help keep more extensive problems at bay. If an exam and cleaning is due, please contact our dentist near you for an appointment today.

5 Crucial Benefits of Exams and Cleanings

Visiting the dentist for twice-yearly exams and cleanings offers a host of valuable benefits for you and your family:

1. Regular Dental Visits Help Prevent Decay and Cavities

Although brushing and flossing are vital for oral health, they are not enough to stop the formation of decay and cavities. Sometimes, it takes the experience of Dr. Navjot Sodhi to target hard-to-access areas of the oral cavity for plaque and tartar build-up. Cavities may show up or cause pain after weeks or even months.

The dentist can detect decay and cavities early and provide treatment to stop them from spreading.

2. Exams Include Screening for Gum Disease

Redness, soreness, pus, or bleeding may indicate the onset of gum disease. If left untreated, the gum infection may spread to the tooth roots and surrounding bone. Our dentist in Fort Saskatchewan, AB will check for gums peeling away from teeth and deep gum pockets during exams.

3. Exams and Cleanings Help Improve Your Smile

A vibrant smile radiates health, vitality, and energy and boosts your self-confidence. The dentist pays close attention to the quality and appearance of your smile. During cleaning, the hygienist will address stains and plaque build-up and brighten up your smile.

4. Early Detection and Treatment of Dental Problems

The dentist looks out for cracked, chipped and missing teeth that can spoil your smile and interfere with your oral health.

5. Regular Dental Exams Can Reduce Stress and Save You Money

Treating a problem during the early stages prevents the need for expensive and complicated treatment at a later stage. For example, getting a cleaning is less expensive than placing a crown or filling. Please book an appointment with us for reliable exams and cleanings in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.