Which Age Is Perfect for Effective Dental Sealants?

Which Age Is Perfect for Effective Dental Sealants?

Jan 01, 2022

Despite dental sealants receiving confirmation from the CDC as safe and effective to prevent cavities on teeth, a severe lack of awareness exists among the population who essentially believe dental sealants are merely for children’s molars. Tooth sealants are thin coatings of durable plastic painted on the molars with deep pits and fissures to prevent entrapment of food particles and plaque responsible for tooth decay.


Who Can Get Dental Sealants?


While children are primary recipients of dental sealants, Town Crest Dental Clinic provides information anyone can have dental sealants painted on their teeth so long as their teeth are not restored. Therefore, if you do not have any cavities on your teeth or fillings and other restorations, you can confidently request dental sealants in Saskatchewan, AB, so long as you are willing to pay the market prices of getting this treatment. Dental sealants for children cost around $ 30-$ 60 per tooth, although insurance and discount plans can further reduce expenses. As an adult, if you desire dental sealants over your molars, you must inquire about the prices of the treatment with the dentist before committing to the procedure.


It is indeed a surprise that over 50 percent of children from low-income households do not have dental sealants on their teeth despite being prone to three times more cavities than children from higher-income families with sealants on their teeth. In addition, children with sealants don’t report lost school time from lack of sleep because of dental cavities or are affected by other issues that require expensive treatments from pediatric dentists.


Despite being available for over four decades, the lack of awareness of dental sealants and costing parents over $ 300 billion in dental treatments is conveniently preventable if parents of children inquire about dental sealants for kids with the dental professional in Saskatchewan. The dentist happily provides information that dental sealants prevent 80 percent of cavities for the first couple of years after an application. After that, the prevention continues against 50 percent of holes for another four years, and the sealants remain on the teeth for up to 9 years.


Dental sealants are not a one-time treatment and are similar to other dental procedures requiring frequent monitoring and reapplication of children’s teeth. However, the sealant creates a smoother surface on children’s molars to prevent food particles and plaque from remaining trapped in them and creating cavities. The affordable nature of the treatment must encourage parents to get dental sealants on their kid’s molars to prevent cavities as best possible.


The creation of dental sealants was to prevent the development of tooth decay on molars, and the creators did not tailor dental sealants exclusively for children. Therefore anyone with molars from age 6 to 90 but without restorations like fillings or cavities can consider getting dental sealants on their teeth as a preventive measure against cavities.


What Can You Expect for Your Child during the Procedure?


During the dental sealants, the procedure expects the dentist to complete the therapy in approximately 30 minutes. The treatment is comfortable and painless, requiring no anesthesia or any other sedative. However, your child must sit still on the dentist’s chair for 30 minutes until the professional completes the procedure.


When starting the process, the dentist chooses the molars receiving the dental sealant to clean and dry them thoroughly in preparation for the application. After the initial cleaning, the dentist applies an etching solution to the molar, receiving the bond to roughen it to help the sealant adhere to its surface. After that, the tooth is again cleaned and dried with absorbent material. Finally, the tooth sealant is applied to the molar and hardened with ultraviolet light.


After the application, your child is free to continue with their regular activities without restrictions by the dentist. Dental sealants effectively prevent the development of cavities on the teeth of children and adults. However, you must exercise caution to ensure your child maintains appropriate dental hygiene practices like brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and getting regular dental exams and cleanings to eliminate plaque and tartar buildup from around and on their teeth. Asking children to avoid sugary and starchy foods is practically impossible. However, if you can limit the foods or substitute them with alternatives, you find it comfortable to battle cavities after dental sealant application to allow your child to enjoy excellent oral health.