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Wisdom Teeth Coming In: Signs & Symptoms

As the last adult teeth emerge, typically around age 18, dealing with wisdom teeth can be something of a pain. Although they typically grow in with no issue, sometimes there can be complications below the gum line that can lead to a host of problems, from pain and discomfort to eventual infections and other health issues. However, there are plenty of ways to tell if wisdom teeth are coming in, allowing you to keep an eye on their growth and react accordingly.

Signs Your Wisdom Teeth Are Coming In

One of the first signs of wisdom teeth is tenderness and swelling around the rear of the mouth; this can be on either side or only one. Another initial sign is triggered headaches, which are caused by a build-up of pressure from your wisdom teeth being trapped under the gums. However, they can be difficult to detect if you suffer from frequent headaches, so make sure to keep on top of dentist appointments and check-ups.

Finally, gum infections are a major issue when it comes to emerging wisdom teeth. As the teeth can come in at awkward angles, which causes only part of the tooth to emerge, this can leave the surrounding area incredibly susceptible to infection and can be very difficult to clean properly. This can compound into a serious infection called pericoronitis if not detected and fixed immediately. Gum infections are the most serious sign and should be addressed immediately.

Cause of Pain

The discomfort associated with wisdom teeth is the result of three main factors. Firstly, impaction, which results in the tooth not coming in properly and putting pressure on surrounding teeth. Secondly, the partial eruption is where a tooth is partially erupted, with bacteria easily able to enter the gums, which causes infection and pain. Finally, tumors and cysts are caused by impacted wisdom teeth, which can potentially lead to the destruction of other healthy teeth and even the jawbone if not properly treated.

When Wisdom Teeth Need Removal

Naturally, if wisdom teeth have come incorrectly, then there’s no need for their removal. But often, if the teeth have become impacted or partially emerged, then pain, discomfort, and difficulty cleaning can become a major issue that can compound into more serious health complications. As such, it’s highly recommended to get them removed if this is the case. Located in Fort Saskatchewan, Town Crest Dental is the best choice for all your dental needs. Whether it’s cosmetic Botox treatments or preventative wisdom teeth extraction, Town Crest Dental’s professional team of dentists work to give you the best, most comfortable treatment possible. For more info, browse our website or email us at info@towncrestdental.ca.